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"The Asian Nightmare" Influenced by the Movie Rambo IV.
$228 Rambo IV - Large Silver Blade w/ Sheath
Rambo IV
Asian Nightmare
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Extra Large Knife: Length: Tot=18" Blade= 12", Handle=6" Width=2 1/2" Thick=3/16"
Large Knife Length: Tot=15 ½ " Blade = 10" Handle is 5 ½ " Width is 2 " Thick=3/16"   Weight= Approx 25oz.

Only the Hand Stitched Black Leather Sheath Shown Below is Available to Order with the Knife.      
Leather color used will either be brown or black, depending on what is available.         
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Available in Large & Extra Large, as well as Black or Silver blades. Pictures below are examples of our XL knife. The Large version has the same style as the XL, but is 2 1/2 " shorter & ½ " narrower. Hand stitched deep brown gator hide sheaths are included. The handle is cord wrapped with black grip tape.

You are looking at the "Golok", which is the historical name of what we call "The Asian Nightmare". These knives have been used for thousands of years in southeast Asia. They tend to be heavier and shorter than machetes, often used for bush and branch cutting. The Japanese Special Air Service are issued these knives even today. To loose one's Golok is a return to unit offense. Another name for this knife has been "The Tree Beater". This particular knife became famous in 2008 from the movie Rambo IV.
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$228 Rambo IV - Large Black Blade w/ Sheath
$238 Rambo IV - XL Silver Blade w/ Sheath
$238 Rambo IV - Large Black Blade w/ Sheath