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Custom blade orders are a third of our business. This includes modified versions of our existing blade designs, as well as new designs. Our customers can customize their order in many different ways to their liking. Our blades are not mass produced! Made out of 1095 carbon steel. They are a full tang one piece construction, which results in an EXTREMELY DURABLE and almost indestructible blade.

Like something off our site but want to change it up? Would you rather create your own? E-mail us your request and we'll give you a quote. Just CLICK HERE to send us a custom order quote request.
Just a Glimpse at the Types of Custom Orders Completed For Our Customers
Tactical Gladius with Extended & Custom Handle C8
Extended Hakai Sword & Added Lanyard Hole C13
KO Katana with Custom Handle & Silver Bevel C11
Custom Wizard Sword with Falcata Fighter Handle C21
Talibong Fighter Sword -C23
Huge Chopper with Middle Earth Sword Handle -C24
Cutlass Sawback Sword - C26
Custom Reshaped Blackened Sword of Hakai - C30
Khopesh Sword of Pharaoh Knuckle Guard Sword - C29
Tanto Tip Custom Golok-C38
Bowie Knuckle Duster - C36 
Hellboy II Extended & Darkened Spear Knife - C41
Hellboy II Sword - C42
C43-Tactical Smatchet with Bloodwood & Brass Handle
C44 - Tactical Wakizashi with Bloodwood & Brass
C46 - Barbarian-Knights Templar Sword
C47 - Self-Defense Push Knife
C45 - Large Custom Sword
C48 - Big Long Chopper
C50 - Long Khopesh with Blood Groove