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Background of Bill “The Butcher”:
William Poole (the basis for the character “William Cutting” in the movie "Gangs of New York"), also known as Bill “The Butcher”, was a member of the New York City gang the Bowery Boys. A bare-knuckle boxer, and a leader of the “Know Nothing” political movement. He was also the head of his own West Side gang.  The Native Americans used Poole as their chief “enforcer.” As a butcher in real life, Poole (wielding the knife of his trade) could accurately hit a target from 20 feet. The Irish-immigrant gangs of Five Points, who owed their allegiance to the Democrats of Tammany Hall, were afraid of Poole. Even the Dead Rabbits (whose chief “slugger” carried a dead rabbit impaled on a pike”) avoided him.
The design is suppose to represent an old unrefined look like in the movie.  If you would like the handle tang to line up to the scales to create a more refined look, we can do so upon request at no additional cost.
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$323  Cleaver & Knife Set - No Sheaths
Bill “The Butcher” Cleaver
Bill “The Butcher” Cleaver
Total Length = 17 3/8”
Blade Length = 8 7/8 “
Blade Width = 5 ¼ “
Blade Thickness = 3/16 “
Handle Length = 8 ½ ”
Handle Width = 1 “
Handle: Walnut. Scales attached with pins and glued.
Weight = 2 lbs 6 oz
Hand Etched “Bill the Butcher”
      on the blade.
& William Cutting Knife
Influenced by “Gangs of New York”
William Cutting Knife
Total Length = 14 1/8 ”      Blade Length = 8 ¾ “    Blade Width = 1 ½ “      Blade Thickness = 3/16 “    Handle Length = 5 3/8 ”
Handle Width = 1 - 1 ¼ “   Handle: Walnut. Scales attached with pins and glued.                                      Weight = 8 oz
Hand Etched “William Cutting”                                 It's made as a shank. The knife can be sharpened upon request.  
Gangs of New Your Video Link showing Bill the Butcher aka William Cutting & his weapons.  The Cleaver & Knife Set Scorpion Swords & Knives Facebook Picture Link from Web Site
$381  Cleaver & Knife Set - With Sheaths
$174  Cleaver - No Sheath
$203  Cleaver - With Sheath
$149  William Cutting Knife - No Sheath
$178  William Cutting Knife - With Sheath
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All Sheaths are Black Buffalo Culatta Leather