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The “Black Asp” Kopis
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The “Black Asp” - Kopis “Influence"
The Greek Kopis was an historical sword with a forward-curving blade, made for lopping limbs and hacking off heads. Named after the Black Asp Snake. This snake was used by Cleopatra to bring about her demise. Slow moving but aggressive, the asp is very dangerous. Their poison is a systematic one that clots the blood and destroys the lining of the blood vessels.
$249   Black Asp Kopis Sword - without Sheath
Total Length = 27 1/8 “     Blade Width = 3”
Blade Length = 20 ¾ “      Widest Point Blade Thickness = 3/16 “
Handle Length = 6 3/8 “    Handle: Walnut
Handle Width = 1 1/16”     Weight = 2 lbs, 14 oz                  
Designed by D. Toalster
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$288   Black Asp Kopis Sword - with Sheath
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All Sheaths are Black Buffalo Culatta Leather