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Dark Filipino Ginunting :
$259    Dark Filipino Ginunting - No Sheath
Total Length = 28                         Blade Length = 20            Blade Width =   2 at Base
Blade Thickness =  3/16                 Handle Length =  8      Handle Width =  1 Center
Handle:  Black Linen Micarta          Weight =  2 lbs 10 oz         POB =   2  from Guard
$298    Dark Filipino Ginunting - With Sheath
Ginuntings are the official swords of the Philippine Marines.  Filipino warriors chose them because they could cut through anything and everything!  The Ginunting is easier to use as a utility tool, as jungle bolos for clearing brush, slaughter tools for hunting, chopping small pieces of wood for fire, making it the best weapon to carry. It is common to see a Ginunting along with M16s used for war in the jungles of the Philippines.  This short and versatile weapon designed with a downward curving blade makes it the perfect weapon for close encounters.  Our heat treated full tang handmade Dark Filipino Ginunting is extremely durable and virtually indestructible.    
All Sheaths are Black Buffalo Culatta Leather
Dark Filipino