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Doomsday Badland Katana II Sword:
Total Length = 33”                                 Blade Length = 21 ¾ “                      Blade Width = 2 ¾ ” at the base
Blade Thickness = 3/16 "                     Handle Length = 11 ¼ “                   Handle Width = 1 ¼ “
Handle:  Black Linen Micarta with Deer Skin Leather Wrap                     Weight =  3.7 lbs      
POB = 2” from handle
$284.99  Doomsday Badland Katana II - Without Sheath
$323.99  Doomsday Badland Katana II - With Sheath
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SBG Exclusive Limited Edition
This is Version II of the Badland Katana.  Stronger and even more durable than version I !  Exclusively offered at the SBG on-line store, designed by Jason Woodard and handmade by Scorpion Swords & Knives.  This powerful Tactical Katana style two handed war sword is a tough, almost indestructible sword.  Capable of generating tremendous cutting power, but balanced close to the hilt for maximum maneuverability.  Devastating to other blades or melee weapons that dare to cross its path!  It will seriously damage any other standard blade that gets in its way!
Watch professional reviewer Jason Woodard do EXTREME durability tests Slicing through Jugs and Tatami Mats, Chopping through Particle Board & 2x4 Solid Wood, Repeatedly Striking against a Steel Drum & Metal Pole, Stabbing the tip through Steel Drums.  Even Striking Repeatedly against Solid Granite!  Also watch our Badland Katana II completely destroy a cheap Katana’s edge leaving NO edge damage with our sword!
Doomsday Badland Katana II
All Sheaths are Black Buffalo Culatta Leather
Doomsday Badland Katana II Durability Test Video Picture link