Price: $244   Hellboy II Spear Knife without Sleeve
Price: $273   Hellboy II Spear Knife with Sleeve
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Hellboy II Prince Nuada Spear Knife
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Hellboy II Prince Nuada Spear Knife :
Total Length =  30 ”                          Blade Length =  9 ”                          Blade Width =  3 Ό “  
Blade Thickness =  3/16 “               Handle Length =  21 “                     Handle Width =  1 3/8 “ widest
Handle:  Maple                                  Weight =  3 lbs     
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Influenced from the superhero movie Hellboy II.   Hellboy is an immensely powerful demon who works for the government.  Prince Nuada Silverlance is a martial arts expert of extraordinary proficiency.  The spear knife is used by the Prince, in the climactic battle dueling Hellboy for the right to control the Golden Army.  This spear hits much harder than a sword.  With significant reach advantage, it’s incredibly fast with a great facility at point blank range.  Being an excellent stabbing weapon, it’s a very difficult attack to defend against.  The solid construction handle, which offers great grip and control, combined with our high quality heat treated steel, results in an EXTREMELY DURABLE spear knife. 
All Sheaths are Black Buffalo Culatta Leather