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Rhomphaia Sword
History of Sitalkes II
Total Length = 40                         Blade Length = 27                     Blade Width =   2 1/8                        Blade Thickness = 3/16 
Handle Length =  13                    Handle Width =  1                   Handle:  Blackened Walnut             Weight = 3 lb  12oz      
POB =   4 from Handle
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of Sitalkes II

This battle ready sword is EXTREMELY DURABLE and almost indestructible!   The Rhomphaia was a close combat bladed weapon used by the Thracians as early as 400 B.C.  As a weapon, the Rhomphaia was feared  because of the cutting power.  The Romans added extra reinforcing bars to their helmets to protect against the powerful blows of this weapon.  Sitalkes was a prince of the Odrysian royal house.  He was leader of a body of Thracian light-armed troops, which accompanied Alexander the Great as auxiliaries on his expedition to Asia.  The Thracians were renowned for their horses and cavalry. The Thracian tribe of the Dii were responsible for some of the worst atrocities of the Peloponnesian War killing every living thing. 

Designed by D. Toalster
In Greek
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$289  Rhomphaia Sword - Without Sheath
$328  Rhomphaia Sword - With Sheath